ALA-MA member Stephanie in court, 2015.
Orientation, 2015.

ALA-MA Partners

ALA-Massachusetts members serve at partner sites located across the state. Our unique program allows our partner sites to expand their capacity to provide critical legal services to clients.  Some of our partners are regional legal services organizations, some are faith-based organizations, and some are statewide programs specializing in a particular area of law. All are staffed by committed legal professionals who supervise ALA-Massachusetts advocates. During the application process, ALA-Massachusetts members are chosen to serve at a specific partner site. 

Our site partners for the 2019–2020 service year will be:

Catholic Charitable Bureau of the Archdiocese of Boston

CCAB provides a variety of social services to residents throughout Eastern Massachusetts. With a mission to build a just and compassionate society rooted in the dignity of all people, services include, Basic Needs, Childcare, Children and Youth, Counseling, Adult Education, Elder Services, Family Services, Immigration Legal Services, Interpreter Services, Refugee Services, Shelter, Friends Feeding Families, Post Adoption & Search.

2019-2020 Openings: Immigration Advocate (1) POSITION FILLED


Catholic Social Services of Fall River
Fall River

Catholic Social Services is a multi-service organization serving Southeast Massachusetts which provides legal assistance on immigration matters, with a priority focus on the residents of their housing programs.

2019-2020 Openings: Immigration Advocate (2)  POSITIONS FILLED 


Children's Law Center of Massachusetts

The Children’s Law Center of Massachusetts maintains a helpline through which it provides legal assistance, resources and referrals to youth, parents, attorneys and helping professionals in the areas of education, immigration, health, mental health, and children involved with DCF or DYS. 

2019-2020 Openings: Immigration Advocate (1) POSITION FILLED


Community Legal Aid, Central West Justice Center
Worcester, Springfield, Fitchburg

Community Legal Aid is the state-funded civil legal aid program serving central and western Massachusetts. Central West Justice Center is a wholly-owned subsidiary of CLA. These programs provide free legal assistance to low-income clients in the areas of elder law, housing law, immigration law, government benefits and unemployment compensation, family law, and discrimination.

2019-2020 Openings:

  • Immigration Advocate, Springfield (1) POSITION FILLED
  • Housing Attorney, Springfield (1) POSITION FILLED
  • Family Advocate, Worcester (1) POSITION FILLED
  • Medical Legal Partner Advocate, Worcester (1) POSITION FILLED
  • Intake Advocate, Fitchburg (1) POSITION FILLED


Greater Boston Legal Services, Cambridge and Somerville Legal Services
Boston, Cambridge

Greater Boston Legal Services is the lead civil legal aid program serving Greater Boston, and includes Cambridge and Somerville Legal Services. Both programs provide free legal assistance for low-income clients in the areas of employment, family law, particularly domestic violence, health law, disability law, housing law, immigration law, welfare-related law, elder law, and special outreach to Asian populations with limited English proficiencies.

2019-2020 Openings:

  • Welfare Advocate or Attorney (1) POSITION FILLED
  • Consumer Advocate (1) POSITION FILLED
  • Employment Advocate (1) POSITION FILLED
  • Housing Advocate or Attorney (1) POSITION FILLED
  • Housing/Benefits Advocate or Attorney, Cambridge (1) POSITION FILLED


Health Law Advocates

Health Law advocates is a public interest law firm whose mission is to provide pro bono legal representation to low-income residents experiencing difficulty accessing or paying for needed medical services.

2019-2020 Openings:

  • Health Attorney (1) POSITION FILLED
  • Intake Advocate (1) POSITION FILLED


Massachusetts Fair Housing Center

The Massachusetts Fair Housing Center serves Berkshire, Hampden, Hampshire, Franklin and Worcester Counties. MFHC provides free legal services and accepts housing discrimination complaints based on race, national origin, color, ancestry, religion, sex, disability, presence of minor children, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, age, marital status, military or veteran status, receipt of public assistance, including Section 8 housing assistance, receipt of housing subsidies or rental assistance, and genetic information. MFHC also preserves homeownership, by advocating for distressed homeowners in mortgage lending cases, and by assisting victims of foreclosure rescue scams.

2019-2020 Openings: Fair Housing Advocate (1) POSITION FILLED


Massachusetts Law Reform Institute

Massachusetts Law Reform Institute is the statewide legal services support center. MLRI advocates for low-income people, minorities, immigrants, elders, and people with disabilities in their struggles for basic human needs; defend against measures that harm people living in poverty; advocate for systemic reforms that achieve social justice; and provide support that will enable others to carry out these objectives.

2019-2020 Openings:

  • Family Advocate (1) POSITION FILLED
  • Housing Advocate (1) POSITION FILLED


Mental Health Legal Advisors Committee

The Mental Health Legal Advisors Committee is a state agency within the Supreme Judicial Court of Massachusetts charged with advising and advocating for indigent individuals with mental health issues on a range of legal matters. MHLAC does legal work in areas including mental health law, rights in institutional settings, restraint, education and special education law, juvenile justice law, family law, guardianship matters, access to mental health care, mental health insurance reform, and insurance discrimination.

2019-2020 Openings: Mental Health Law Advocate (1) POSITION FILLED


Metro West Legal Services

MetroWest Legal Services is the primary civil legal aid agency in Framingham and surrounding areas. MWLS’s priorities include income maintenance, housing, domestic relations (including domestic violence), education, elder law, and health law.

2019-2020 Openings:

  • Immigration Advocate (1) POSITION FILLED
  • Private Bar Involvement (Bankruptcy and Family) Advocate (1) POSITION FILLED


Northeast Legal Aid

Northeast Legal Aid is the primary civil legal aid program serving Northeast Massachusetts. NLA represents low-income clients, elders and veterans in the areas of housing evictions and foreclosures, consumer debt, public benefits, immigration, community development, health law, and domestic violence.

2019-2020 Openings: Housing Attorney, Lawrence (1)  POSITION FILLED


Project Citizenship

Project Citizenship is a collaborative created by the Fish Family Foundation in partnership with several immigrant, community-based and direct service organizations in Greater Boston. The mission is to educate immigrants about the benefits of citizenship, and to help eligible, legal permanent residents overcome barriers to naturalization through an array of services including: application assistance, preparation for the civics test and interview, legal services, and English classes.

2019-2020 Openings: Citizenship Attorney (1) 


South Coastal Counties Legal Services, Justice Center of Southeast Massachusetts
Fall River, New Bedford, and Brockton

South Coastal Counties Legal Services is a non-profit corporation which provides free civil legal services to low-income and elderly residents in Barnstable, Bristol, Dukes, Nantucket, and Plymouth Counties, and the towns of Avon and Stoughton. The Justice Center is a wholly owned subsidiary of SCCLS. The programs provide civil legal assistance to low-income residents, elders, and veterans in the areas of housing, family law, benefits, immigration/asylum law, elder law, and education law.

2019-2020 Openings:

  • Elder Housing/Benefits Attorney or Advocate, Fall River (1) POSITION FILLED
  • Housing Attorney or Advocate, Fall River (1) POSITION FILLED
  • Housing Attorney or Advocate, New Bedford (1) POSITION FILLED
  • Private Bar Involvement Advocate (Consumer/Family), Fall River (1) POSITION FILLED
  • Immigration Advocate, Brockton (1) POSITION FILLED
  • Housing Advocate, Brockton, (1) POSITION FILLED


Volunteer Lawyers Project

The Volunteer Lawyers Project of the Boston Bar Association (VLP) provides free civil legal assistance to low-income residents of Greater Boston, primarily through the pro bono services of private attorneys.

2019-2020 Openings:

  • Intake Advocate (4)  POSITIONS FILLED